Security services at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland and the Global Center for Health Innovation are provided through an integrated program where both house and event activities are coordinated through our Security Operations Center. 

House security is provided at no cost to our clients under the direction of our full-time, on-site staff of security professionals.  Our professional security staff provides security for conventions along with coordinating security services across our campus providing seamless security, protection and life safety services.

First aid and on-site emergency medical service referrals are available from your Event Manager. 

Should an emergency occur, you will find that nothing becomes more important than having a plan and having access to timely and accurate information.  For every event, our team will design a security plan unique to your event, ensuring that every effort is made to make your event both successful and safe.   Information to keep you up to date as emergencies unfold is communicated to all Event Managers from the Operations Center in real time, keeping you in the know.

Our Security Operations Center never closes, with guards available 24 hours a day to walk you back to your hotel or help you with any of your security needs.  You can reach the Security Operations Center by calling 216.928.1601.

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